Jobs to future businesswomen!

Is your company interested in a project that combines trade and development? We are looking for partners that have passion to  new  business ideas.

If you  purchase through SideBySide w´ll quarantee the training and  the quality of the workprocess. We´ll deliver nothing but  high end products.

SideBySide offers possibilities to buy household items and designs from Tanzania and Namibia. Later on  we´ll scale our business model to other African countries. For example Tunisia and Somalia.

Our strategy is also to move on from handicrafts and give women a chance to expand their expertise outside their core business.

Become a reseller!

Think about the great possibility to become a reseller in SideBySide! You can strengthen your brand by joining our business community.

We provide reasonable  prices. And besides that we will pay  you 50 procent back from your investement in training.  This refund comes from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland and it´s fund Finnpartnership.